How The American Educational System Has Developed Over The Years

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When reflecting over these three different biographies of Pestalozzi, Froebel, and Montessori I realized how many different people throughout history have brought change to our American Educational System. I would have never known of all these different influential people that have brought change for the better within the educational system. Already I have learned of six influential educators that have helped shape the foundation of a good public school. By doing so, I will share with you the very enlightening information I just learned from our readings that has also shaped my new found information of what our American Educational system is all about. Within these biographies I found an immense amount of beneficial information that has helped guide me to understand how the American Educational System has developed over the years. I obviously know that not one person had founded our educational system. It was numerous people’s thoughts, beliefs, theories, and even dedication that have helped develop our educational system we now have in the 21st century. It’s crazy to read how education was in the past and how it has evolved over time. For example I feel Pestalozzi theory of education was very inspirational with how he believed a person could change their own future with their own head, heart, and hands. He believed people could make something of themselves, even if they were poor. This is very similar to our education system with allowing wealthy and poor students the…

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