Essay on How Technology Has Improved Our Lives

1928 Words Apr 15th, 2015 null Page
In the mid-1980’s, before technology became ingrained into everyday life, it was quite the ordeal if one was driving down the road and had to stop to make a phone call. An individual would have to find a pay phone to use. If he did not know the phone number, he would have to go into a business to borrow a phone book. If there was an emergency, finding a pay phone could take precious time. However, today we have the capability to make an emergency phone call in a matter of seconds with cell phones. Technology has improved the way doctors research medicine and diseases, it can help protect our homes when we are gone, but it has many negative qualities as well. Texting and driving leads to several distractions that puts people’s families and lives at risk.
For years, drinking and driving has been on the forefront of law officials’ minds. More recently, cell phone usage while driving, such as texting and driving, has become an even bigger problem.
One has to love it when they are driving down the road and the vehicle in front of them is swerving all over the road. One may wonder to his or herself if the other driver is drunk, tired, or just not paying attention. How many times has one seen a person driving down the road and instead of their eyes focusing on the road, he or she is focusing on a cellular device? Normally, an individual is texting and driving. Texting and driving is an extremely dangerous trap one may fall into. People live in a fast-paced world where they need to…

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