Negative Effects Of The Cellphone

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Throughout the years, smart phones have been emerging and changing the lives for people who use them. The use of cellphones have become a common, everyday routine and is very rare to see someone not using one. The smart phone has significantly changed my life in a positive way by making communication instantaneous, a constant access to wifi and browsing the web almost anywhere possible. Apple products such as the iPhone have been renovating and improving the quality of their phones each year. As an Apple user myself, I have come to enjoy and love what my iPhone has the capability to do. I prefer using this portable smart phone, over any another android product because of the quick access to the internet and just the overall experience when …show more content…
Smart phones are given to ages as young as 11 years old and have the power of the phone abused by users. People are quickly attached to the phone because it acts as a sense of freedom and independence. It is always in the hands of users and then is put in potentially dangerous situations. It is all about how you use the phone and some forget about this. The iPhone was made for quick communication, weather, mail, and messaging and more. Each day, the news is broadcasting a deadly car accident involving texting and driving. Teenagers who are just beginning to drive or those who just feel comfortable having a cellphone in their hands behind the wheel, are the ones who are using the smart phone in a negative light. People need to realize that a text, phone call, and desire to change a song, can wait and that it is not worth their life. A 30 second distraction can lead someone to having their whole life changed within a blink of an eye. Luckily, there have been campaigns, commercials, and steps taken to lessen the tragedies caused by cellphones. When I am behind the wheel, I am cautious and refuse to let a text distract me. However, I still hear too many stories for comfort of my friends involved in car accidents cause by texting and driving whether it is them doing the texting or the other drivers carelessness. Apple and other companies have come out with stick on holders for

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