How Technology Has Impacted Today 's World Essay

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Technology is a collection of skills, processes, and methods that aim to boost the productivity of activity in an organization or a learning institution in any particular case. Further, it can be in a form of machines like tablets, computers or any other devices that can easily be operated by individuals without the need of technical knowledge. Technology has impacted today 's world. Notably, it has led to the increase of proficiency in the production level by ensuring that there is output quality level as the end product. The paper is a proposal for the use of technology in a large, U.S. urban school district (HCPS) as a way of improving students’ performance and efficiency in class, as well as teacher effectiveness.
Type of Technology Identified The technology to be implemented is tablets, whose specifications are accessing class notes, online platforms, receiving/submitting assignments and multi-media applications. Further, students will be provided with a portal account in which they can access any information regarding the institution using their tablets (Huber, 2012). Additionally, students can use tablets to conduct their own research on a variety of subjects. Teachers will use tablets to oversee the progress of students, receive and give assignments by means of tablets and conduct further research geared towards professional development. Such technology will be employed by the entire school (with a staggered rollout of pilot schools first) whereby each student…

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