President Wilson's Fourteen Points Speech Analysis

In the years prior to WWI many changes were happening around the world. While the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, in 1914, was the breaking point for the Austro-Hungarians, there was much greater turmoil lingering across the world. The turmoil helped to create the forces which undoubtedly contributed to the outbreak of WWI.
Forces Leading to WWI
During the 19th Century each nation strongly believed their way of life to be best. The nations strived to progress and they were proud of their rights and values. This pride also known as nationalism caused for competitions between nations to have the best of everything. Perhaps one of the greater worries of this time was the political movement of
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The speech was composed using the feedback of President Wilsons’ secret society “The Inquire”, who worked to gather two thousand reports and documents and at least one thousand two hundred maps, containing information that may be useful to the ending of the war. The speech was broadcast around the world. The last and perhaps most commonly known of the Fourteen Points called for a “general association of nations…formed on the basis of covenants designed to create mutual guarantees of the political independence and territorial integrity of States, large and small equally.” (The League, n.d.) This point would later form the League of Nations, which would try to prevent major wars through the form of negotiations. While many nations were skeptical as to how the Fourteen Points could end the world. The skepticism would have remained unchanged if not for the continuous support and efforts shown by the Wilson …show more content…
The factories that were created to supply ships were transformed to be used for commercial use, and the army was much larger than before the war began. Europe turned the United States because of the mass amount of devastation they were experiencing. Many Americans realized their capacity and became more interactive in world affairs.
In Conclusion, many factors around played a role in the beginning of the war. After the outbreak of war many efforts were put forth by the U.S. to keep peace and remain neutral. However, there had to be a breaking point for President Woodrow Wilson. After President Wilsons decision to join the war, American troops helped to outnumber the troops of many nations and contributed to the end of the war. America also provided the economy with a much needed boost and offered supplies to keep the Allies replenished.
President Wilson presented his Fourteen Points Speech in an attempt to end the war. Although, the Fourteen Points did not immediately stop the war, it did play a key role in the peace negotiations at the end of the war, and the creation of the League of

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