How Technology Has Changed The World Essay

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Introduction To decide what to type about, I had the think long and hard about what would even be good to talk about. Like this couldn’t just be another dull essay that nobody would care about but was forced to do. So my topic is to see how the advancements of technology have changed the way the gaming industry produced and manufactured their goods. There are different thoughts about what gaming actually is. What I define gamming as, in this essay, is one who plays games electronically. This essay is focused on the way the electronic games have been affected by the way technology has progressed over the years. This will be explained more in depth and will show how much gamming has changed in the rest of the paper.
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I started to think about my research being based around computers for the fact that I have always enjoyed computers and interacting with them, even since I was little. I basically grew up with computers and was taught how to use them and other technologies like game consoles and media devices. I had grown up with all the ways gaming and technology has changed and I have been fascinated with both since I can remember. I only decided to do the research on the evolution of technology affecting the evolution of gaming because of my teacher. She asked me what I enjoyed and I told her, playing video games and messing around with new technology. She asked me if I have ever thought about how the way gaming has changed and that made me think of how…

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