Essay on How Technology Has Changed The World

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Social Persuasive Essay
People do not realize how connected they are to other parts of the world through technology. When you call the support line to fix your computer, it is most likely someone on the other side of the world helping you. Another example is when you buy a product from the stores, like a banana, it is often from other parts of the world. Any time we do something with other parts of the world we help keep the world continuously successful. Four major factors that help keep the world continuously thriving are communication technologies, trade, transportation and the media. These factors contribute to a more prosperous world economy.
Advances in communication technologies have changed the world. When the printing press was developed, it enabled people to share ideas and information much more easily. However, this alteration spread across European relatively slowly as it took twenty years for the number of presses to reach one hundred. Now communication technologies are changing at a much faster rate. Cell phones, television, radios, computers, and the Internet have come to affect nearly every aspect of people’s lives. Technological convergence is also increasing the rate of globalization. Cell phones take photographs, make videos, store hundreds of recordings, function as personal organizers, capture updates on the latest sports scores via the internet (social media), send emails, and still allow people to make phone calls. Convergence also brings…

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