How Technology Has Changed The Landscape Of Journalism Essay

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ATS1902. What is the most problematic issue relating to Journalism?
Technology has forever changed the landscape of journalism. Developments in the technologic sector has given rise to a new generation. Slowly traditional journalism is being overtaken by the newer forms. The online freedom and universal access has transformed the gathering, production and distribution of information and news.
The internet has allowed news to be more accessible and for it to reach the people faster than ever. The general public can now read breaking news as soon as it happens. With the high prevalence and increasing accessibility of mobile phones and laptops, the public now has more convenient, real time methods of accessing news. Nonetheless, it also means news is becoming obsolete faster, pressuring journalists to produce news at an accelerated rate in order for them to gain and retain readers. Journalists and editors are instead focusing on generating profit and prioritizing speed over quality, rather than serving the public, leading to the deterioration of the quality of content produced. Sensational stories are being reported rather than actual important current affairs, as journalists believe it will result in higher profit. Margaret T. Gordon believes that many journalists are “trapped between their professional values and marketing/profits mentality” (2003). Kidnappings, murders and scandals make the front page of newspapers every day and issues that are truly significant are left…

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