How Technology Has Changed The Landscape Of Communication Essay

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There is no mistaking the fact that technological advances change the way in which, we navigate life. Notably, technology forever changed the landscape of communication, gone are the days when words on paper written in ink dismantled the barrier known as distance. The Internet proved powerful enough to erase the challenges associated with distance making us a connected society both domestically and globally. While the Internet proved a valuable source for the private sector, it proved invaluable for businesses. Initially, companies found value in using the Internet as an internal communication tool and for sharing information with employees, as well as a training and scheduling tool; however, that door would soon be blown wide open.
Social Media Overview
Companies began presenting product information on Web pages (landing page); thus, creating a point of contact for both current and potential customers (Whitney, 1996). By the year 2000, “40 million Americans – or 48% of internet users have purchased a product online” (Pew Research Center, 2014, para. 13). However, within a few short years’ technology advanced bringing with it social media (SM) platforms and the advent of Smartphones with Web surfing capabilities. Examples include the BlackBerry 5810, which hit the retail market in 2002, which was also the year the social networking site launched. The following year (2003) brought the Palm Treo 600 and, which was followed by Facebook in 2004. Next…

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