Five Star's Social Media Analysis

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Five Star’s Social Media Integration Marketing and Advertising Campaigns At a time when mobile devices blur the line between Internet marketing and in-store sales, Global Tech Computers uses social media as a part of their marketing strategy because social media makes it easy to spread content with the ability to make people act in very special ways that benefit business owners. Manternach (2011) explains that more people are spending their time online. Things like brand awareness, website traffic, and fan engagement are good results of social media, however, the main thing is by participating in social media advertising, Global Tech will be able to reach more consumers and paint a picture of a company that wants to reach consumers of …show more content…
After realizing what consumers expect from the product Global Tech must strive to answer that demand. Location is another important aspect of marketing and using social media is a way for Global Tech to be visible to the consumer
Traditional marketing and advertising operations involving cost and price concerns, consumer approval, campaigns, and mass-market advertising are important to Global Tech’s marketing strategy. The objective of traditional marketing is to make your product or service known by potential customers. Social media serves as a more effective tool to help marketing achieve this goal. While social media is a better more efficient way, it is just a tool in the marketing arsenal (Sannino, 2011). Social media is not to replace traditional marketing it gives businesses a way to enhance and extend its marketing
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Effective marketing requires an integrated marketing communication strategy balanced with a differentiated advertising campaign that accommodates Global’s different products. Using traditional marketing and incorporating social media marketing will attain this balance. Traditional and social media marketing cannot be used exclusive on one another. Both are needed to achieve Global Tech marketing goals and to ensure the success of the company and its brands (Manternach, 2011). By following the recommendations made in this paper, Global Tech Computers will reach high global brand awareness, strength, and loyalty, reach more consumers, achieve message stability, and build a reputation for being beneficial to consumers and to their lives. To be sure, social media marketing has risks. Organizations cannot control what others are saying about them or their products on social media. A business can guide the message and turn this lack of control into something positive (Bernstein, 2010). Consumers tend to trust what strangers are saying about a product more than advertisements. By leveraging the possibilities of social media marketing, especially the leading edge trends, Global can build stronger brands and a

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