How Technology Has Changed Our Society Essays

1264 Words Jun 5th, 2015 6 Pages
Name: Ahmed Alsomali
Professor Hector Carbajal

In the last decade technology has been rapidly growing, and a lot of new technologies has been developed. I more and more devices are being created and innovated to the people nowadays. Devices like smart phones, laptops, and video games has became an everyday essentials for the people in our society, and these technologies are like anything in this world it has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages like making communications better and cheaper for the people which makes a lot of jobs easier to be done, and disadvantages like making our society always communicating but very far from each other because we are always staring at our small screens and not having a real conversation with one another. People are Living in this technological universe in which they are always communicating, and yet they have lost conversation for mere connections.

Accompanied with the development of Technology I argue that, us modern humans developed new habits, or what you can call a new way of being alone together. Nowadays you see families sits together at home, texting, facebooking, or sending emails. Also, at work employes text during meetings, and even during class students are always busy texting or browsing the web. We have reached a point where it is important to learn this new skill which involves maintaing eye contact with the person that your talking with while you keep texting someone else. It can be hard at first but it can be…

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