Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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We all have our heroes, our idols, we could even call them our gods; their influence to us is superficial, their greatness creates some of the best moments of our lives, we feel an emotional connection with them even though we have never met them. These are celebrities, media personalities, politicians, athletes and even fictional characters whom through the different forms of media collectively create and become the foundations of our pop culture that heavily influence our lives from fashion, morality, political views, language and even our personalities. Unlike other generations, the increasing advances in technology and media platforms have provided unlimited access to more aspects of their heroes’ lives and Millennials try to emulate these pop culture figures lifestyles. In an attempt to emulate them, millennials also garner some of the negative values associated with fame, power and celebrity status, one of which is narcissism. Generation is a category of individuals born at a homogenous phase of time whom share synonymous and significant societal events. There are varying beliefs on the age range of Millennials but for the purpose of this research I will use the 1980s – 2000s birth range. They are the scourge of the earth, uninformed, stoned, money ignorant, lazy, narcissistic, and entirely dependent on their parents, these are some of the many censures that are directed towards Millennials. Labelled the Peter Pan or Boomerang Generation;…

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