Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

1097 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Windows, IPhone, MacBook, Xbox— the list goes on and on. Technology has become so ingrained into our daily lives that we don 't even bat an eye over it anymore. More specifically, my generation, the Millennials, grew up with the development of the World Wide Web; all we know has been shaped by the innovations and breakthroughs relating to this field. From an early age, I personally remember everything from being introduced to a laptop running the Windows Operating system to having my first IPhone. The companies that create these products, Microsoft and Apple are the face of the technology we use today but these industry giants started from very humble beginnings stemming all the way back to their founding by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, respectively. As we know now, Gates and Jobs both founded extremely successful companies but their methods for grooming their companies were not always similar. To start off, Gates had a set strategy in mind for his company. Gates believed that the goal of Microsoft was to "write and supply software for most personal computers without getting directly involved in making or selling computer hardware" and to make "choosing Microsoft software to be a no-brainer"; he envisioned Microsoft to be the biggest supplier of software to computers and his strategy can be easily broken down into the elements. Under the element arenas, it is obvious that Gates focused on the production of software and targeted the market segment that produced computers. In…

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