How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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How do we determine the exact definition of popular technology? For the most part, it is almost impossible. Popular technology is something that lays on a broad spectrum, from security systems, medical fields, and our software systems we rely on in our day-to-day life. Everywhere you go, you will see some form of technology. You get in your car and push a button to roll the window down, that’s technology. You send an email to your friend in a different state, technology. Even now we have smart cars that need the practicality of technology to keep them functioning. Technology has made life simpler, it helps you stay intact with functions in your car, stay in touch with a friend, and even get the proper medical help that you need along with many more uses that we haven’t yet spoken of. Generally speaking, since the time I was in the fourth or fifth grade I have relied on technology to help me do homework, play games, or do in classroom activities. As the years went on through school I relied more and more on the importance of a computer. I began to have homework that could only be done on a particular website or a paper that had to be typed. Teachers started having “smartboards” in their classes with fancy features that made learning more of a fun opportunity and kept us more engaged in our school work. We don’t see how much we rely on technology in everyday life until we really sit down and think about. As I grew older, technology grew bigger and bigger. Not to mention…

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