How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Today? Essay

1364 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
The first thing I see when I open my eyes every morning is my phone, to know what the time is. I cannot live without my phone because it helps me through the day. For example, it wakes me up for school, lets me know the right direction, and helps me to translate easily, also helps me when I want to cook. How much the technology has effectively in our lives today? It has more of the benefits in our life. It makes the life amazing and easy with different ways. For example, we can make friends easier. Also, if you study far away from your family you can communicate easier with Skype or face time. Also, Snapchat gives us the opportunity to know a lot of culture around the world in amazing ways. On the other hand, Facebook is the first reason that helped the Egyptians people to carry out the revolution against Egyptian President. A technology helps people to communicate with other people and learn about different culture and technology has impacted from past to future.
Technology helps people to communicate and improve their social skills. For example, technology helps us to communicate with old friend what we studied with before or worked. Facebook is first program collect a lot of people around the world and helps them to commence with other and makes friends easily. On the different way, technology gives a student the opportunity to study even though they work or have family for example, a webinar makes the student attend the class thought the internet. The degree of webinar…

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