How Technology Has Changed My Life Essay

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As a high school student, Google became my way of life. Growing up in a technological world, I am used working with a variety of technological devices and software. To begin with, in elementary school I would have an hour of class dedicated to the teaching of how to use a computer to my advantage. Eventually in middle school I upgraded to a class that focused on my speed of typing and how to manufacture presentations, line charts, bar charts, videos, and other skills involving technology. As a result I learned to grow up with technology as it evolves.

Before I was born, my parents life through school didn’t revolve around technology. Especially in my grandparents era. After all computers weren’t used as much or at all. During the 80s, there was a scare among teachers due to the belief that they would be soon replaced by computers. It wasn’t until 1983 where there was an idea of computers being used to help support teaching and further students education. Currently computers are in demand in the classroom. One teacher, Jennifer Wagner, commented on how that with the extended use of technology there will “most definitely” be a need for a teacher. Her reasoning being that a computer doesn’t give “support and advice” to a student based on their individual character.

With the increase of technology involvement among the classrooms, student life has become increasingly easier compared to the past. For instance, imagine you are assigned a six hundred word essay on a…

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