The Negatives Of Google: Is Google Affel To Education?

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In recent discussions of Google, a controversial issue has been whether Google is more beneficial or harmful to education. On one hand, some argue that Google is more harmful to education. From this perspective, there is a viewpoint that Google is a tool that can give the answers to all of the student’s questions without them needing to know it. On the other hand, however, others argue that Google is more beneficial to education. In the words of Roger Nevin, one of this view’s main proponents, “Google Apps has significantly improved the way students and teachers work” (Nevin 46). According to this view, Google is more of an asset than a disadvantage. In sum, then the issue is whether Google should be implemented more in schools or less.
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In one article it says, “According to an article entitled ‘Google Effect: is technology making us stupid?’…In her article, Ms. Roberts offers several examples of how people have decided to rely on ‘Google’ for answers…is affecting our capacity to learn and execute our daily tasks” (Harris 8). The Google effect is real, and I will admit it. With all the access that students and teachers have to Google, some could say it’s a bad thing. Especially those who says the information you find off Google isn’t always right. That is also right to some degree since, “Google has begun to use ranking in combination with auto-completion algorithms which offer a dynamic list of suggestions when someone types words into the search box” (Baker 189). In layman 's terms, Google takes the top searched sites in coordination to what you searched and can give a website that could be either correct in its information or wrong or could give a virus. This can be dangerous to allow naïve students who believe everything they see on the internet. For the students who like to cheat, they can. However, when they go into a professional field and know nothing, they will regret for not trying to retain the information that they were supposed to

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