Essay about How Technology Has Changed My Life

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For this assignment I interviewed Ms. Outman, who also happens to be my grandmother. Ms. Outman lives in Jacksonville, FL and is sixty-six years of age. She works as a lead administrator for Mayo Clinic and before that was a secretary for the president’s office at the University of North Florida. Ms. Outman in her line of work as well as her life has seen how technology has changed from what it use to be with radio’s and black and white televisions to laptops and smartphones. When asked how the media technology has changed in her life times she said that it was something she never thought would happen. Ms. Outman stated that when the first colored television came out it was so revolutionary. No longer did people have to imagine what color was there when watching news stories and such. Speaking of the news, she said that with the addition of color it allowed the news to show more and for those watching to really get a clearer picture on what was happening. When asked about technology today all she could was laugh and say that she did not ever think that she would see the day when a watch would be more than a watch. Which was referring to the apple watch that I got on black Friday, and how dumbfounded she was about how it worked. It was not that long ago that I was able to get her into texting and actually getting her a smart phone, which she said she did not want to have any part of. When I asked her about that she said that the reason she did not want a smartphone was…

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