How Technology Has Changed For The Better Or Worse? Essay

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The United States has suffered hundreds of billions of dollars in budget cuts in the military and why the united states is advancing in weaponry, China 's military has surpassed the US in Advanced weaponry dramatically. In the article Nagi, John A. "Defending against New Dangers: Arms Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction in a Globalized World." It talks about how new dangerous weapons are being created which fits in with my topic advanced technology. Weapons have advance in not just guns, but nuclear weapons,and do you believe that Iraq and other dangerous countries should or shouldn’t have nuclear weapons. Advancement in weapon technology is a global concern because certain countries have unstable leadership, global terrorist organizations can easily obtain dangerous weapons, and arms races can take important funding away from other programs. Advance weaponry is becoming a big problem, and there’s no stopping it now. Do you believe that technology has changed for the better or worse?

Development of Substitute Materials, also know as the manhattan project was the start of the nuclear weapons or atomic bombs. On May 12, 1942, President Roosevelt signed an order creating a secret project to develop the nuclear weapon. It was one of the largest secrets project that the US government has undertaking.(Edelman) The first atomic bombs or nuclear weapon were designed and built at a site in Los Alamos, NM, which was in a remote location and had existing buildings from…

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