How Technology Has Changed Education Essay

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How Technology Has Changed Education In the year 2004, Duke University distributed Apple iPods to every incoming freshman student as a means to incorporate technology into the students’ education. The iPod initiative was spearheaded by a woman named Cathy Davidson, who in her article “Project Classroom Makeover,” mentioned “the iPod experiment [as] a start at finding a new learning paradigm of formal education for the digital era” (Davidson, 55). For the time period Davidson and Duke University conducted this experiment, technology was not as easily accessible as it is today. Not everyone had internet in 2004, and almost nobody had internet on their mobile cellphones. The information era was in its earliest of days. Today, in 2016, more than a decade after Duke University’s iPod experiment, technology has advanced in ways beyond our imagination. Many of these advancements can be applied to the betterment of education similar to how the iPod initiative was applied at Duke. The advent of having technology in education simplifies the learning experience. Students have the ability to get information in the now as opposed to waiting to receive information the following day or week. Technology also allows for quick communication between the student and the teacher for the means of asking a question related to the curriculum or submitting course assignments. On the contrary, technology has also caused complications within the realm of education. Technology can be a distracting…

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