How Technology Can Help Human Resource Management, Become Extensions Of Our Natural Abilities

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According to Marshall McLuhan, “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” (Mitchell, 2008, p. 148) This Canadian professor and philosopher theorized that technologies, such as those we will discuss in this paper that are used to augment Human Resource Management, become extensions of our natural abilities. (Canada) If he is correct and the proper use of technology can help human resource professionals, commonly referred to as HR, be more effective and efficient, it explains growing trends toward acknowledging, embracing and implementing such advances. This paper will identify and explain technology by making specific references to some common technologies. Then I will give an overview of their use and importance. To make the topic more interesting and personal, I will detail how a few of these technologies have influenced or failed to influence my current place of employment. Finally, I will share a handful of innovative ideas for how my company might benefit from effectively leveraging current technologies and integrating some revolutionary ideas.
Background to the Topic (overview)
Technology is defined as both the knowledge and use of knowledge via innovation, processes or created methods as a means to help society and individuals practically solve problems. (, 2015) For Human Resource Management, technologies that help make them more efficient, effective, accountable, and accurate are critical in today’s culture and climate. (Mitchell, 2008, pp.…

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