Essay on How Technology Can Disrupt Your Brain

742 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
As it goes on and more social medias are added and smartphones are more easy and fast usage it becomes more difficult and our brain won’t resist shifting its attention every 5 minutes, and you end up not consciously having any control over your actions because your brain is trying to predict the best time to make the checks you’ve made a habit of and so without even the thought your mind just automatically shifts toward other incoming notifications or messages. As a result it becomes very difficult to decide what your mind should pay more attention to and for how long. Studies have shown that when you hit that stage and it becomes hard for one to focus on work or any other thing then one 's technology it would be best to sometimes leave your technology at home when you go out or even standing in line and stopping yourself from using technology while doing so are ways you can disrupt your brain from predicting when your next technology use will be. By doing so one can be able to achieve many things and concentrate on one task for as long as you need to, it sends it messege to the brain to let it know that it doesn’t need to shift attention several times in an hour while you’re trying to accomplish an important task. Keep busy so you won’t have to answer messages, also tell yourself emails and messages about work don’t have to be send at night or at weekends, unless they’re absolutely necessary and most of all use social media to maintain relationships, but focus on the…

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