Effects Of Concussions In Sports

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Register to read the introduction… The earlier notice of the concussion can be for the better or for the worst for a player returning to a game. If the player is disoriented, slow to speak, and the pupils are dialated they have suffered a mild to sever concussion. They should be immediately removed from the game and be cared for medically as quick as possible. The unknowing eye plays such a big role in sports because players will not realize a concussion if they have never experienced one before. Athletes will continue to play if an concussion has been sustained once before if not checked out by trainers. An effect of a concussion is the lack of brain function because with such an impactable force used some sports. Baseball for instance has pitching and hitting, the balls are throwin at such …show more content…
Getting hit with over 10,000 pounds of force in one punch can be tramatic and disrupt the brains activity. Boxers are suffering from this constant injury all the time because of all the hit taken to the skull. If hit in the back of the head or hit in the temple it can fatal for most. Techniques are used all the time in sports, this is what prevents most athelets from getting an injury such as this. Time is the key element in any injury to recover and let brain function return back to normal. Inconclusion how to prevent concussions during a physical sport is one listen to coaches the proper technique should be practiced and use over and over again to get right so you cant hurt the other players you may play with. Secondly following the right protocals given by the doctors and trainers are to help you achieve the right knowledge and medical point of view. Lastly is to play games with fun, but concussions is an injury that you really cant control. Take part in the movement for safer games equipment and prevent less

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