How Surgery Has Changed Our Life Essay

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Deep breathing then silence. A bright white light then fills the room. Blood trickles through the split of the skin. A surgeon now begins the magical work, to save a life. Surgery has majorly inclined through history, but those advances haven’t yet made it all around the world. No matter where in the world you are standing, there are always steps to becoming a surgeon. But, like every job, there are pros and con to this career. Being a surgeon is one of the most important jobs in the world, saving lives!
Surgery has enhanced a significant amount throughout history. In the early ages of life, cavemen would crack a hole in a man’s skull to “free the evil spirits”, or giving a swollen brain more room, this is called trepanning. The Egyptians were a bit smarter; they would embalm dead bodies, set broken bones, and amputate. As time went on, the Greek would bathe wounds in wine because at this time, dissecting the human body was forbidden. South East of Greece, the Indians had become the pioneers of plastic surgery, because, often enough, people were punished by having their noses chopped off leading to need Rhinoplasty. Emerging from Europe in the 13th century came the “barber-surgeon” who cut hair, pulled teeth, and performed simple operations. After many centuries of practice, John Hunter invented new procedures such as Tracheotomy. Later, in 1792 Dominique-Jean Larry created the first ambulance for wounded or ill men. Within the 19th century, surgery was greatly improved by…

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