Essay On Dating Relationships

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In my dating relationships, I try to make my significant other satisfied, not evening considering my thoughts, feelings, or needs which leads to my relationships not working out. As a survivor of domestic violence, I have learned to speak out loud instead of keeping my inner thoughts and feelings to myself. It just depends on the situation, place, and time. As described by Kersey’s Temperaments, my four letter personality type is known as the giver and being a teacher. Even in my romantic relationships or work environment, I tend to be the giver and teacher. Relationship wise, I would try to provide for my other half if they are in need of help emotionally and financially. Sometimes it is hard to find someone with the same mindset as yourself. Work life wise, if a fellow co-worker as for help with the assignment and I am familiar with it, I will teach them everything that I know so they can get better and …show more content…
In a way, I can relate to this. If I snap on someone at my job, I always take a moment and think about the issue on what just happened and I will go and apologize to my co-worker. Pergues (2009) shares that when you admit a mistake and move forward, you acknowledge it, ask for forgiveness, learn from it, face the consequences of it with courage, and get on with life’s next challenge. I am very stubborn at times but right is right and wrong is wrong. Jung Typology test (1998-2015) express on how ENFJ’s put forth a lot of effort in creating and maintain relationships. One thing I can say about myself is that I don’t like for no one to be upset with me. I will try to resolve the issue and get back on good terms with the individual. Life is not promising and you never know when you need that person in front of you one day. You can talk down to a person and one day you never know that person could be your boss someday. Treat others the way how you want to be

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