How Sports Has Changed Over The Years Essay

2335 Words Dec 5th, 2016 10 Pages
Throughout history, the evolution of sports has persisted as a prominent and alluring global phenomenon in which, over the years, has developed as a cultural tradition in our daily lives. Despite the countless variety of sports that exist, all admirers share the mutual aspect of holding unified joy during practice or observation of the sport. Because of this, sports allow people to become socially consolidated in an effort to support their favorite sport’s team and celebrate the concept of competition. With regards to the ways sports have changed over the years, I will assess the assorted means which allowed the social reform of sports to occur. Through the extensive social reform, sports have changed in the aspects of social interaction and influence, popular culture, and economic appeals in the sports of: football, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, and basketball. Thus, the transition of sports from a limited pastime to a mainstream activity, devoted by the masses, celebrates the vigorous influence they represent today. First, in the sport of American football, there is a magnitude of history involved in its rise from a casual game to that of America’s favorite pastime. Throughout the early 20th century, football was prospected through many kickoff games without much structure, but the legacy and enjoyment of the sport continued for many years. The modern era of football began in 1932, after the first National Football League (NFL) playoff game inaugurated large scale rules…

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