How Social Work Affects The Society, It Restores Client 's Mental And Physical Health

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Social work is beneficial to the society, it restores client’s mental and physical health

and promote justice in the society. I argue that social worker deserves higher monetary

benefits as extrinsic reward because social worker requires high degree of proficiency.

Interview with Kate Soderberg helps me deepen knowledge of social worker and make

me realize the amount of education is not equal to the pay and the issue should be

improve. I will introduce Cnaan, R., & Kang, C. and Gibelman, M., & Schervish, P’s

article to demonstrate inequality pay in social worker and some methods used to improve


After interviewed with Kate Soderberg, a professional social worker who has over

thirty years of social work experience, I gained more insight of this field while I was

listening to her stories. Back in the 1980s, Kate got her Bachelor in Social Work in LA,

and when Kate moved to Washington, she attended CPS program and accomplished

4,000 hours of work hours and passed exams to get her Washington social worker license.

Kate loves to interact with different types of people, that’s why she moved around and

worked in different places over the years. She used to work in nursing home, worked for

elder people, county agency, state adult protected services, child protected service, court,

home health care for elder, insurance company, tribe’s drug coordinator, etc, generally

Kate worked in each position for 3 - 4 years and then she considers changes. Now she is…

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