How Social Media Has Changed The Job Hiring Process Essay

723 Words Oct 25th, 2015 3 Pages
The recent growth of Information Technology and Systems in the modern world has completely changed the job hiring process. In particular, social media has been a huge influence in the transformation. The job hiring process used to be fairy simple, a good resume and face-to-face interview and you had the job. Today, recruiters are not only using traditional hiring methods but also using social media as a personal background check. There are numerous positive and negative aspects of this controversial practice.
In the eyes of the employer, the most positive benefit of using social media as a hiring method is attaining the best possible employees and creating a more efficient hiring process. Social media allows employers to eliminate potential employees with bad online reputations. The article states the top three reasons a candidate is rejected are “concerns about the candidate’s lifestyle, inappropriate comments and text written by the candidate, and unsuitable photos, videos, and information.’’ Eliminating potential employees that fall under one or more of the categories allows the employer to hire the best possible work force and it speeds up the entire process of hiring employees.
A positive benefit of social media for employees is the edge a positive and clean online reputation could give you. Everyone has a resume and almost anyone can perform a great interview, but your social media explains your personality. It offers a fresh and interactive look at your personal…

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