How Social Media Has Changed Our Lives Essay

823 Words Oct 17th, 2016 4 Pages
It’s All in the App!
It has made the global community logarithmically smaller. It allows you to stay close to friends and family across the nation in real time. It has created millions of new jobs. Its platform can be manipulated all from the palm of your hand. This is social media. Social media has truly revolutionized the world in which we live. It comes in many forms and designs, but what remains the same is that it allows interaction with people across the globe in a matter of seconds. With millions of downloadable applications, there are definitely those platforms that are vastly more popular and more effective. Although Twitter and Instagram have obvious similarities, there are differences. Instagram is the superior application for social media because it has the most diversity in sharing options, the most momentum with respect to growth, and it has become a personal asset to me in my career, unlike any other platform.
Both applications have become fairly diverse platforms in their own right. For example, both platforms have had a staggering number of engagements since the date of their inception numbering in the billions and for good reason. Both platforms have done exceptional jobs of allowing users to share their lives with the world with ease. Both platforms allow users to upload photos quickly to a profile with many options in filters and photo editing software built in. Both platforms are also strikingly similar in their “set up” with the profile button on…

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