How Significant Was The Long August? Order For The Ccp? Establish Power?

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How Significant was the Long March in order for the CCP to establish power in 1949?

Before the Long March, there was a conflicting and war torn infrastructure between political parties and warlords. At the time of the creation of the communist party in 1921, the Guomindang, the most powerful single force in China, were seeking to unite the county under Chiang Kai-Shek’s leadership. The Communists who were on the brink of annihilation, had been persecuted and forced into the countryside by the GMD because they were seen as a threat.

P1 and p2 show that the LM was Significant

Paragraph 1 – Development of Communism/ideology
Firstly, the Long March was significant for the CCP to establish power because it enabled them to develop their ideologies and policies as they travelled throughout China. This was due to having a first hand experience of the peasants and what their life was like at the time so they could discover what needed to improve to make their quality of living better. The communists realised that they needed to equally spread the ownership of land to create a fair and easier amount for each person to maintain. They abolished old traditions which were outdated and were unpopular but still common for example, arranged marriages and foot binding. These points will be used in the impact on women para.

During the march, the communists were able to spread propaganda throughout China. This was crucial in their rise to power as it... Include Mao quote about LM…

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