How Should Alcohol Affects Society?

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Register to read the introduction… Taxes on alcohol have proven to help lower the rate of alcohol consumption in society. Though the extreme in the 1920’s was the Prohibition Act, but there were “speakeasies” which were secret places to go drink even though it was illegal. In today’s society there will probably be something similar to that of “speakeasies” which is why it should not be completely outlawed, but simply made harder to be able to consume alcohol. There is already the age requirement of twenty-one; it should be raised so that less people are drinking. There are already so many people under the age of twenty-one that drink, but if it was raised higher than it would be harder to get alcohol. Some gas stations and stores do not require checking any identification such as a license, which is against the law, but they think they look at least twenty-one or older so they let them purchase it. Philip J. Cook and Michael J. Moore agree …show more content…
All over the news are headlines about students injured or worse killed in drunk driving incidents at their own hand. There should be classes taught to prevent students from wanting to consume alcohol, because they would not want the negative outcomes on their body. Once they realize all the potentially fatal possibilities, they will reject alcohol. This can lead to less teen pregnancies due to alcohol, not getting alcohol poisoning, healthier lifestyle, and much more. Students are affected more than any other age group because they are the most emotionally unstable. Being emotionally unstable, can lead to relying on alcohol or drinking alone which is a very dangerous situation to be placed in. Students that tend to drink alcohol also tend to do poorly in school with their grades, keep wanting more each time, and are pressured into drinking because of peer pressure(Kids health, “Alcohol”). Students should be taught in school as a requirement so that they know what they could face by consuming …show more content…
In today’s time, we do not have the eighteenth amendment making alcohol illegal, because the twenty-first repealed it. Instead of banning alcohol as a whole, society should look at all the social problems it brings when drunk driving takes place, or when people lose their jobs and turn to alcohol, or even worse when an organ starts to fail. Though it seems that alcohol is a frequent occurrence in this world, it really should be less than a second thought.

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