How Professional And College Football Essay

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When comparing professional and college football even though they are the same sport they are different in their own ways. Professional is a chance for a player to have a career and make money, while college is a chance for a player to make a name for themselves. Although professional has football sunday and super bowl parties, it doesn 't offer the same ambiance as college football. College football is all about tailgating, rivalry, and trying to find tickets for the next big game. Money is a huge aspect of playing professional football. Players get paid millions of dollars a year just to play football. They sign contracts with teams, and even get a signing bonus whenever they sign with a new team. A professional player doesn’t have to worry about anything except showing up on game day and performing. Their day job consists of 60 minutes of playing a game. Even if a player is just on the practice squad of a professional team, they are still making a ton of money. Getting paid so much to play football causes a lot of the players to have enormous egos and can make the game unbearable to watch. In college a player is expected to be broke. They do not make any money off the ticket sales from each game, or when a jersey with their number on it is sold. In college football a player can be paid in the form of a scholarship. Their ability to play football can lead them to getting a free education. Even though they aren’t making any money, you know they don’t have to worry about…

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