How Private Are You Online? What Information Do You Share About Yourself?

1653 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
Case Study/Velma Cole The topic for the qualitative study is: “How private are you online? What information do you share about yourself? The object of this research is to prove the lack of privacy when it comes to sharing information on social media. It will also cover how social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.; have taken over as a means of interacting in lieu of face-to face communication, telephones, and written communication. Studies have proven the information shared on social media is not private. For example, private investigators have known to make a living surfing social media for years to locate individuals, simply because, information on the internet is public records. Alistair Fairweather, Chief Technology for Machine, an integrated advertising agency, by using any web browser, stumbles onto a service where people share their jogging route and with that little bit of information was able to locate their address. He also found private information on an American who was based in South America by using the same method, the internet. (Alistair 2014). So, how easy is it for someone to find out your private information on the internet? Every time an individual login online to social media, they reveal more about whom they are, what they like, and possibility where they live. There are data brokerage sites such as, AnyWho, Spokeo, and ZoomInfo that collect all of your information online but allow you to remove information about yourself. An…

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