How Price Your Products And Programs Increase Your Income Essay

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How to Price Your Products and Programs to Increase Your Income
By Janis Pettit | Submitted On June 21, 2011

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Expert Author Janis Pettit
Clients often ask me how they should be pricing their knowledge or expertise-based products, programs and services. Most are undercharging and losing a lot of income as a result. My new clients often tell me that they wanted clients so much that they charged the least amount possible for fear that their client wouldn 't pay more. This approach has left them with not enough income and clients who don 't really value their services.

When you 're pricing your services you need to pay attention to 3 things--

Understanding and Communicating the Value of Your Results

Make a list of the results your client will get when they use your product or service and be very specific. Is it a measurable result, like more time, more income, less weight? Or is it a life enrichment benefit, like more free time, more happiness or better relationships? Now give those results a lifetime value.

If you can help a client make more money year after year, that 's worth paying you a substantial fee, isn 't it? If they feel lousy most of the…

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