How Patients And Consumers Find Valid And Reliable Information About Health Care Providers And Facilities

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1. Describe Explain how patients and consumers find valid and reliable information about health care providers and facilities.
There are plenty of websites, some of them are private and some of them are government regulated database. For example, under physician compare tab, can provide valid and reliable information about healthcare providers. is also another source of a database to find information on health care providers. Patients can also check with their state’s medical board, depending on the state. One example of that would be In order to find information about facilities, a patient can log onto to find out. The Leapfrog Group evaluates and reports on the safety and quality performance of American hospitals for the benefit of consumers. It also identifies hospitals who are willing to improve by implementing new technology to minimize medical errors (Gibson, & Singh, 2003).

2. In your experience, do patients and consumers investigate their providers or facilities before making selections? What about you, your friends, and family?
In my experience, I do not believe that a lot of patients and consumers investigate their provider or facilities before making a selection. Even though, I myself did not investigate my doctor. I actually did not know about it until I read the book Wall of Silence. The same my family and friends also do not know about it. What usually happens most of the time is that…

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