How Parenting Styles Affect A Child 's Development Essay

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Parenting Styles

There are four categorized painting types: Authoritarian, authoritative, permissive

and uninvolved. While it can be said that parenting styles play a fundamentally important part in

a child’s development. The question to ask is what is the best method to raise a child to

be a functional member of society, and what are the pros and cons of each parenting style.

Parenting research reveals that parenting styles influence a child 's social, cognitive, and

psychological growth, that not only affects them in childhood years but also as an adult.

When one hears the word authoritarian one might not think of a loving caring parent,

but instead, frightening images of third world dictators and tyrants might come to mind. What

then happens to the mental growth of a child when their parent is strict, punishment heavy and

offers little or no emotional support. An example of an authoritarian parent is the Chinese “tiger

moms.” Tiger moms are generally known for their strict and non-negotiable rules for their

Children, tiger parenting often limits children socially as they use coercion and fear to motivate

obedience and while their goal is to push or guide their child to reach their full potential and to

be the best they can be, they can also inadvertently stunt the child, being that the child was not

allowed to make their own choices, and as a result, they often grow to become adults that will be

less likely to have the…

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