Essay about How Of Effectively Foster Online Engagement

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How to Effectively Foster Online Engagement
Online classes, especially at the K-12 level, can be very overwhelming for students and can cause the student to shut down. This is something that no teacher wants his/her student to experience. A good online teacher is going to want to make sure that his/her student comes to class feeling confident about achieving his/her goals and knows that the teacher is there to support them throughout the entire process. In order to foster online engagement well, a teacher should start the class with clear expectations and easily achieved assignments to help build confidence, be an active and willing facilitator and participant in student learning, and establish a friendly climate where students feel welcome and appreciated.
Online classes can start easy and carefree, but quickly take a turn and become overwhelming and confusing. In order to help keep students on track and feeling confident, teachers should establish an online environment that is easy to navigate, easy to understand and where the student feels comfortable speaking his/her mind. By creating this environment, the teacher is creating a base for deeper learning and better understanding. One way to start the class off and begin fostering online engagement is to give clear details and start the class off with the basics. In the article, “How to Foster Critical Thinking, Student Engagement in Online Discussions” by Rob Kelly, he provides a quote from online instructor Andrea…

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