How Naive I Was Still Haunt Me Essay

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“How naïve I was still continues to haunt me. I believed the swastikas covering all of the buildings were just decorations put up by local teenagers that were just trying to express themselves. I believed my mother when she told me the soldiers at each end of the street were just there to protect us. Worst of all, I believed my mom when she told me everything was going to be okay.
My first hint that my world would completely change forever was when my mother entirely stopped talking about my father. I should have known right then considering my mother went from spending countless hours telling me about my father’s sparkling brown eyes, silly mustache, and oddly attractive large nose to out of nowhere never speaking of him again.
This was also around the time that I learned in school about an evil man named Rudolph. I thought his name was just a coincidence but when I saw a picture I knew it was him. The eyes, nose, and mustache were explained to me one too many times for it not to be him, but I still refused to believe it was him.
“Want to play a game of hide and seek? You know that bad man Rudolph you have been hearing about? He just needs friends! Come on, go get your stuff were going hide in the Van der Woodsons for a little!” my mother told me the day after my tenth birthday. I was much less mature than the other kids, growing up without a father but I still saw the sadness behind my mother’s fake smile. I had a feeling this just wasn’t going to be a game.
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