Essay on How Music Has Shaped His Identity

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‘Rapper’s Delight’ For the majority of all people, music plays a significant role in the shaping of one’s character. What one is listening to can reflect aspects of their identity such as race, religion, class, culture, and more. Because of how personal the music listening experience can be, there is so much about a person that can be learned, just knowing what they listen to. For my interview, I have chosen local rap artist Nati Denu to explain to me how music has shaped his identity. Being both a creator and a listener he offers a unique view on how music has shaped his identity and how others identities are shaped by music, most notably those who listen to rap music. In Nati’s own words, “I identify with rap by giving it priority in my life, it’s pretty much my life at this point you know? The emotion, the style, and just how fun it is are my reason for wanting to be a rapper”(Interview with Nate Tsegaw, September 23, 2015) Nati’s journey through rap music first began through exposure from his older brother. At a young age he listened to many songs, second-hand that although he could not fully comprehend, he still found them catchy and entertaining. As Nati reminisced about his early childhood he told me, “I remember when I was in kindergarten I think, my brother would always play Without Me (Eminem) and I could not get it out of my head!” (Interview with Nate Tsegaw, September 23, 2015) While I doubt he fully understood some of the adult lyrics Eminem would often…

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