How Multimodal Storytelling Affect The Writing Experience / Outcomes Of Ells

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Literature Review Overview
Since the purpose of my study is to examine how multimodal storytelling affect the writing experience/outcomes of ELLs in a US college Intensive English Program (IEP) and how these multimodal practices implemented by these ELLs affect their identity construction while living and studying in a foreign culture, I am interested in finding out the writing difficulties ELLs have experienced and the non-traditional strategies and interventions that have been implemented on them. In addition, I am going to review literature which studied the application of multimodal storytelling in a variety of settings and spaces such as at school, at home, and in the community. Moreover, I will work on finding literature which utilized multimodal storytelling or digital storytelling to engage ELLs’ in their writing activities. Finally, I will review literature that incorporate/implement multimodal storytelling as the way to construct identities of students in general and marginalized and ELL population in particular.

ELLs’ Writing Difficulties and Interventions of Teaching Writing
ELLs’s Writing Difficulties. The experience of learning how to write in a second or foreign language is likely to be frustrating to most second or foreign language learners. Since these learners have not being immersed in the English speaking environment so that it would be astonishing to be situated in a English speaking school where they need to learn not only the content in various…

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