How Much Architecture Should Be A Museum? Essay

1759 Words Nov 7th, 2016 8 Pages
How much architecture should be included in a museum? That is a question that not many visitors ask about a museum, however as an architect or designer it is a fundamental question to ask one’s self when it comes to describing a museum. It can become a debate, deciding whether the museum should or should not be a simple massing where art is displayed. If the answer is it should, then why not just design a white box where all the attention goes into the art on the inside? When it comes to museums, we think of a place where we can look back in time and experience the art that was once created by an amazing artist. If a museum is where fantastic artwork is located, then why not allow the architecture of that building to express its artistic side as well? The structure of a building may strike curiosity therefore, attracts more people and thus creates more attention towards the building. Museums have been around for many years, but around 1990 is when architecture started playing a significant role around museums. Architects do more than design a building, they design control over the visitor’s movement through the building. The outside of a building is just a facade to make a structure alluring, but in the inside people get to move through them sometimes freely and other times people are forced to move around more restricted by the architect. There are many aspects that an architect has to consider when they are studying a museum such as, the lighting and flow as well…

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