How Mental Illness Is Misrepresented Essay

1240 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
“How Mental Illness is misrepresented in the Media”

I found this article very interesting not only did I learn something new but I learned something about myself and how I even have misconceptions about certain mental illnesses because of what I see on social media, television and even here on the news! This Article really caught my eye as I scrolled through U.S NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, in the health and psychology section. These are some key points of what I read and the opinion I have about them. I have my own experience with this situation my aunt and many other people from my mother’s side have obsessive compulsive disorder and are very anxious folks! I have read that this can be hereditary and I at times show certain qualities of having some anxiety but I try to compose myself have happy thoughts and correct my mistakes or desires of repeating certain things when I feel anxious. I try to accept any help I can get and I try to always be in a positive mindset. So those are the steps I try to take in order to make my anxiousness level go down. If someone who has no experience or is ignorant to these certain mental illnesses automatically thinks that a person with any type of mental illness is a crazy person or super psychotic. But, these people most of the time are normal people who do every day activities, with the exception of coming to reality with your illness and receiving ongoing medical or psychological help that is. Yes, people do receive help and therapy…

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