How Media And Society Has Influenced Professional Basketball Essay

1153 Words Nov 29th, 2015 5 Pages
While watching a professional basketball game, it is easy to see the impact media and advertising has had on each particular game, but how much do they control the sport? In a perfect basketball world we would see a great battle of “teams” compete for a title, but because of the media, the rise to superstardom has reigned and being a “team” has lost its meaning. Because of the “Americanization” of sports as some are now calling it, our society focuses more on the satisfaction sports can bring the fans, more than the credibility of the sport. After all, society places value on competition and flashy plays, therefore a value is put on the sport itself. In this paper we will look particularly on how media and society has influenced professional basketball, and how the game has changed from an athletic event to an entertainment one. I plan on looking at a lot of different aspects of media and its relation to sports, especially through the data coming from athlete’s loaded salaries, media ratings, fantasy sports, clothing brands, and people’s perception of the modern professional sport. Like most sports, basketball started as a game with little to no fan base, but over the years the game kept growing, and changes were made. Since basketballs conception with James Naismith, almost all of the changes the sport has made have been to make it more entertaining for the fans (Barkhamsted basketball). In 1954, the NBA implemented a 24 second shot clock to speed up the pace of the game,…

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