How Marriage Has Changed Essay

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In over half a century, marriage has transformed from being a social requirement to simply being an option in today’s society. What has caused this change? Many institutions in our society have changed drastically along with marriage. Although these institutions have not caused marriage to be optional, they do strongly correlate with the decreased value. The economy, education, religion, and government have all altered since the 1950s. When any institution encounters a change, all other institutions are affected. Family is a major institution in society, and I believe that marriage is an important aspect of this institution. Cohabitation, religion, women in the work world and divorce have all effected the way marriage is viewed today. In …show more content…
Government has had a direct effect on family as an institution. Government has now made it substantially easier to obtain a divorce with little to no punishment. The biggest marriage concern for the government right now is the right for same-sex couples to get married. Society is becoming more and more accepting to same-sex couples. These couples believe that they deserve the same rights that heterosexual marriages receive. They also believe that they deserve the same benefits. These benefits include health care, and authority over children. In some states, same-sex couples are allowed to have a “domestic partnership” or “civil union”. In these partnerships, the couples are rewarded the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples, they just do not receive the title of “being married.” However, other states, such as Massachusetts, allow same-sex couples to get married and receive the same recognition that married opposite-sex couples are granted. As we can see, there are many situations that are acting negatively towards marriage. If this is so, why are nearly 90% of Americans getting married in today’s society? This marriage rate is only 5% down from the all-time high reached in the 1950s (Skolnick, 96-103). Marriage is no longer viewed as a social requirement. Single people can accomplish just as much as married people. My opinion on this is the fact that people in America like to feel

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