How Managers Can Lead Global Team Essays

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Nowadays, life taking place in an intercultural world. Each country depends on another one. Isn’t not only cereals, or goods that are moving all around the world. In the work place, people have to work with colleagues who live in different continent, and with different cultural back ground. In one hands, when teams consist of people from different cultures working apart from one another in different locations, social distance or a lack of emotional connection can cause miscommunication, misunderstanding and distrust. On the other hands, a manger can be very efficient in one culture and be the reason for failure in another one. How managers can lead global team, or cross cultural team to be efficient as possible?
According to this two different situations, we will talk about the aspects to never forget for a leader.

First of all, how a leader can manage a global virtual team?
Today, a lot of companies have teams build by people who lived in different locations, different countries and different continents. To make the work and the team efficient, leader should be aware from different criteria. These different examples are coming from the Harvard Business Review, and Team Management Courses.
One of the big challenges can be the language and fluency gap. A good communication between co-workers drives effective knowledge sharing, decision making, coordination and ultimately, performance results. Team members who can communicate best in the organization often the most…

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