How Leisure Plays A Vital And Important Part Of The Human Development

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Leisure plays a vital and important part in the human development of a person during all stages of the human lifespan. The key concepts that help define and form an understanding of leisure throughout this essay include; Experiences, self-expression, personality, commitment, need, identity, and constraint and motivation choices. These factors express that leisure helps an individual to develop their identity and aids in shaping the sort of person they are going to be, when developing, an individual’s leisure adapts.
The process of human development reflects predictable age-related changes to the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual state of the individual. The process of the human life span is supported by [1] Kleiber, Walker, & Mannell (2011) research, they state “It is systematic and predictable change by which people qualitatively different in some way from what they were before…” (Kleiber et al 2011 p 231). I have chosen to focus on the stage of Infancy and toddlerhood (birth to 3 years) in this essay, it is important to have a basic understanding of all of the stages of the human lifespan to better interpret this essay.

The human lifespan*

There are eight stages of the human lifespan and they are all important age divisions for the development of a person, and leisure plays a large role in this, the stages of the human lifespan defined by Kleiber, Walker & Mannell (2011) are as follows; Prenatal (conception to birth), Infancy and…

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