How I 've Learned About Life Essay

1145 Words Dec 15th, 2015 5 Pages
“In three words I can summarize everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” I remember these words repeating in my head as my mom told me the devastating news about my uncle. When you are living your life, you began to feel as if nothing can come between you and your happiness. You forget that this journey does come to an end like a roller coaster does after its crazy, adrenaline-filled ride and it can happen to anyone you know. Events in life can hit you at any given moment, and sometimes you have to take the memory by the hand and carry it with you because it may be the reason you are who you have become today. We had planned a trip to San Antonio, Texas with my mother’s sister and her husband, in the week before New Years. My parents felt the need to treat them to a little trip before they left for our home country of Pakistan. The trip started with us seeing many amazing areas of San Antonio, but by far the best was the beautiful River Walk. We went there on our first day of the trip at night because all the lights turn on and makes it look so alluring. As we went down the stairs to the beginning of the river, the whiff of foods from every country in the world soaked up my nostrils. The sounds of music came from every restaurant and made it appear as if Gatsby was hosting one of his grand parties here. We felt the soothing, cool breeze touch our skin and make us want to walk even more along the path. The River Walk was by far one of my favorite places, and I…

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