Personal Narrative: A Life-Turning Experience

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Coming out of my Sophomore year in high school, all I wanted was to have a summer of relaxation by the pool. I wanted nothing to do with a summer job or sports. My decision on not getting a summer job resulted in my parents giving me chores to do around the house which included, taking out the trash, getting the mail, and about every other job a regular maid would have to do. Throughout the weeks I had been getting the mail I never noticed an envelope quite like the one I did on Tuesday. Inside the envelope was two separate pieces of paper, one was blue and said “Congratulations Jonathan, you have been invited to work with Dr. Jack Moore and his staff this summer.” The second paper was an application I needed to fill out in order to get a spot on Dr. Moore’s internship. At first I thought the whole idea was a joke because I had never been serious about going into the medical field. However, after sitting down with my parents I decided that taking the internship would be …show more content…
Moore was truly a life-turning experience for me. I’ll never forget the nerves I had on my first day with Dr. Moore. The thought of having to go into a large hospital not knowing anyone frightened me. However, thanks to Dr. Moore’s encouraging and outgoing personality, he welcomed me in like I was one of his own. The internship taught me a valuable lesson I take through life every day now. Never worry about tomorrow, only the present. Those words of Dr. Moore’s will always have a place in my heart. Having the privilege to work at a hospital brought me images I thought I would never see. One minute a patient can look happy as can be, the next minute, they’re on a ventilator due to collapsing lungs. Being able to see patients go through these struggles helped put into perspective I’m not guaranteed the next minute. Since we’re not promised tomorrow or even the next minute, there shouldn’t be worries about the future until the present is

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