Essay about How I Met My Husband And Roman Fever

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Love is an unique feeling that people could describe in so many different ways. Love come from nature and it 's a beautiful thing that connect people. People doesn’t fall in love by their choice. Love come to them by destiny, fate, and specially God’s gift. However, in two stories "How I Met My Husband" and "Roman Fever", it show that love is not always feel good. In the first story, Edie gave her love to an attractive man Chris but finally she end up with her husband who was a mailman. In other hand, Mrs.Ansley from "Roman Fever" felt in love with Mr.Slade, a man who is Mrs.Ansley 's friend ' husband. This two characters both sharing a common about their idea of love, which is loving without regret. They found their love, chasing and waiting for it till they couldn 't have it. The situation of this two character may be make reader feel sympathize for them but people should understand for them. They didn’t want to be like that. No one want to be alone and watch the lover end up with some one else. But Edie and Mrs.Ansley couldn’t resist love. They listen for a call from their hear and follow it to the end. Romantic love strikes virtually everyone at least once and has a great impact on our lives. Romantic love has positive effects on individuals and society as a whole. If only we could control our love feeling!
Questionnaire responses showed that people perceive love feelings as somewhat uncontrollable.

Yes, love is everywhere and love will find to people in many…

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