Essay on How I Live At The Center Of Our Own World

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Each of us is at the center of our own world. There are some people who act different than others. It depends on the place they live, and the type of friend they have. I have two story about how I live, and it will show you how much I change in the years.

There are some people that have different behavior, and attitude. I got a few ideas why people act the way they are. One of the ideas are the parents. Parent are the people who the kids how the to act, and how to behavior. The next idea is the friends. There is some friend that will help you in thing, and there is other friend that would like to get you in trouble. Some of your friend would get in trouble and they will find some way to blame it on you. The main idea I have that example the behavior and attitude of the people is the environment. There is some environment with bad conditions like school, house, and all the surrounding they see compare to other environment that have good conditions. Let us see two example.

In the first environment that I live in it had a large number of gangs. The environment that I live was in South Los Angeles. I was a different guy time, and I was young. In the neighborhood I used to get in trouble. My friend and I were the troublemaker in the neighborhood. We will make ours neighbor mad by make a lot of noise or hit the door, and run. I always been mean to other people. I would say bad word to other people for fun. I will also make fun of other people because I don’t like them. The…

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